Good evening, I have wound up here often enough in my quest for answers that I decided to register and possibly participate.

I'm 33, married part time, and have an adorable 3 year old who drives me absloutely crazy. I live just outside of Dallas, TX and work as the IT manager and in house support for a mid sized (70 user) Law firm here in town. I have various Microsoft and Novell Certifications but am still way below my desired level of education.

I was a computer science major at the University of Texas, Hook'em Horns - 2006 National college football champs (that's football with the oblong ball, helmets, pads, and sencless violence - for those of you across the pond) . But that was long, long ago. Now I waste 50+ hours a week holding the hands of people with 8+ year law degrees who panic when thier calendar view in outlook changes, but it's ok because i'd be just as dumb arguing in front of a judge. But at least I have 75 computers that I can claim as my own.

My house is a monument to outdated technology, from the 333MHz toshiba laptop that powers my garage stereo, through the franken laptop built into a kitchen cabinet, I have put togther the leftover pieces and parts from the myriad of friend and family members that call me constantly begging advice and help. My bedroom however hosts a Quartet of close to modern machines sporting all 3 Versions of windows XP, and now one Vistas RC2 box that gives me nothing but headaches.

I like computer games (no consoles in this geek's world) I've played all kinds from text based Muds and online strategy games to the latest Battlefield 2042 beta (won't run on vistas btw). I hosted the occasional LAN part for Halflife, Battlefield, Quake and Warcraft. But have steered away from the MMPORPG's after loosing some friends to evercrack and WOW. I like simulator type stuff and have quite a nive throttle/flightstick/pedal combo. I really liked Planetside, but I don't know if it was my end or thiers, but there always seemd to be just too much lag for it to be real fun. Maybe I'll try again now that I'm one mre generation of systems above where I was when it was new.

OK enough Rambling - see y'all in the forums Hopefully I can offer some answers and insights.

Hi Alex, look like you have a very interesting life. Welcome to and enjoy your stay.

Hi Alex, great intro! Welcome to DaniWeb my friend.