Name: Joni (pronounced Johnny)
Nickname: Ginny
Height: 5'9
Weight: 148
Hair: Dish Water Blonde
Eyes: Blue/Hazle
Location: Ks
Age: 13
Hobbies: Listening to music, drawing, playing the piano, going out with friends and family, movies, laughing, sleeping, reading, writing fanfiction and my book series, playing my flute, playing my guitar, playing with my 8 dogs and one cat and 42 hamsters. And loving Harry Potter.

Relationship Status: C'mon, I'm just a kid! :rolleyes:

Fav Music:Greenday(only the few songs I know,) and then tons of classical music! HA! I'm a band geek! :mrgreen: :cool:

Education: I'm wanting to be a pediatrition, but I really want to be a writer.

Work: Please, just let me stay a kid for a little bit longer!
Favorite Food: Sloppy joes!

Favorite Movies: Every single Harry Potter movie, Lord of the Rings movies, The 10th Kingdom, Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, and soon to be 3, and OMG! You really don't want me to get into all of it. :lol:

Favorite TV Shows: CSI:Las Vegas, Suit Life of Zach and Cody, Hannah Montanna, Touched By An Angel.
Favorite Video Games: Thats hard, I really buy those thigs and then beat them all in 3 days, no lie, my record is 2 days. I have to many to count, I have every game system, so I really can't chose. But I do know that I'd rather play my Harry Potter games!

Stuff you Dislike: Rap music, people who smoke in the house, the school preps, racsism, and people who can't accept my friends or me for who we are.:mad:

Ok, if you can't tell, I'm a Harry Potter nut! :eek: :cool: :rolleyes: :mrgreen: :cheesy:

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Hi Ginny, welcome to DaniWeb from someone who also always really wanted to be a writer, and somehow ended up as one (first book published in 1991, 20 more since, and I earn my living as a freelance journalist.)

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