Yeah that C++ term applies to me as well. I am always balancing life with too many projects!
I'm an EE and entreprenuer.

On the other side I like the serene life doing hikes, camping, cycling, and for that special rush...sports cars.

Now I'm working on an improved database system, which will work in conjuction with a dynamic website.

Is this over my head? Sure, but that's what I do, jump right in the deep end every time! There's nothing like a good chalange to one out of bed in the AM.

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Sports cars, now you are talking my language. :)

Will be at the UK Silverstone Grand prix circuit next week, driving a selection of cars from Ferrari, Porsche and Lotus. Best of all it comes under the heading of work, as a technology company will also be briefing me on their new product line while I am there.

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it...

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