In an industry that calls the end of every long running series a 'milestone' and proclaims all its stars as 'legends', it's hard not to feel that sometimes the hype is exaggerated.

But those two words almost certainly apply to this announcement: Bob Barker has finally decided to step down as host of "The Price is Right". [more]

Very sad :(

One of the BEST games shows still on air today!!

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The Price Is Right. Yes, an institution in its own right, but like most institutions there was little change or innovation to speak of. I guess that is what made it so appealing to many.

I grew up watching this show and it holds a place in my pop culture- trivia memory banks but it is sleighted to soon be dumped :twisted:. Yes, I like the show well enough; some of the games are cool, and the big wheel was always good for cheering on someone to go over the limit and lose big time on national television-- "Oh, so close!!".

Some of the prizes were downright lame: a bedroom set for some 18-year old college frat boy? Round-trip tickets for two to Atlanta. A miniature sailboat which looked as if it would sink at the first wave upon its bow? I guess you could sell it all after you win it, but would it be worth the hassle? We all would prefer cash.

And, oh, the contestants-- a bit to spunky for my tastes.

Have a nice retirement, Mr. Barker;)

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