Name - Ian
Nickname - RebelSage
Height - 6'
Hair - Multicolour - currently red and Black
Eyes - Brown.
Location - Originally West Indies - currently PA, USA

My Hobbies - All Technology, CGI, Anime & Reading.

Occupation - SystemBuilder/Modder/Web Designer.

Favourite Music -Classical remix with reggae.

Movies - too much to name but FF VII - Advent Children, Matrix.

Tv Shows - Spooks,Screensavers[when that station was worth it]
Wire In The Blood, Coupling $ Ghost In the Shell.
God Bless Tv Tokyo & Dattebayo.

Gaming - Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike. BF2, FEAR,
Gran Turismo. Final Fantasy VII.

Food - I'll eat anything except Okra..love to cook.

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Is it cold there yet? Its 33 degrees and raining here in idaho right now. I hope it snows. Nice to meet you RebelSage this is an awesome community we've got here. I'm new at this too.

Nickname - Godfrear
Height - 5'9''
Hair - Brown
Eyes - Hazel
Location - Idaho

My Hobbies - Programming, gaming

Occupation - Tile Setter

Favourite Music - Alternative

Movies - Treasure Planet

Tv Shows - No reception

Gaming - Super Smash Brothers, Empire Poker

Food - Pizza, just about any toping accept anchoves


Thank you both for the greeting I look forward to learning and contributing to the great site.

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