Heh people, finally I have been struck by P1K ... oh I mean I have completed by 1000 posts on Daniweb. Feels good. :mrgreen:

With all your members, moderators, super moderators and admins support and friendship, I have in just 5-6 months..

  • reached 1000 posts,
  • 5 dot reputation and a
  • moderator title.

Again, thanks a lot to all you ladies and gentlemen out there and hoping to get your help and support in the near future to make DaniWeb a better place for one and all. (maybe become a super mod some day and start disturbing... err I mean helping one and all.. muwahhha :twisted: )

Thank you everyone and have a nice day.

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Sheesh! Talk about blowing your own horn...


Well if GoldenEagle was blowing a horn, then...



Thanks a lot to eveyone and esp sharky. Will keep on helping others out.

Well if GoldenEagle was blowing a horn, then...

This is hardcore metal baby...:D

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