Dear all,

I've been an active poster and a moderator of Daniweb. I have been AWOL for quite some time now and is very for being so. I have decided that I need this site to continually improve my techie knowledge more than the site needs me as a moderator. I have decided to spend more time in the site.

Please forgive me for I need to catch up on things, new rules, and new posts.

I hope i'd be of help to everybody since i've learned a lot of things from this site.

"Knowledge is not the best thing to have, it's the ability to share it."


P.S. Dani, sorry for being gone for so long. I promise to make it up to the site and it's members. :)

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Welcome back, hoping to make good friends with you. Your friend ~s.o.s~
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Welcome back Oliver, an extra pair of moderating hands is always good to have. See you over in the Moderator's Place no doubt...


Welcome back my friend.My best wishes and reps to you.

Hoping to make good friends with you..



ahh, great to have a warm welcome.. :) i need a lot of catching up to do... the site looks totally different.. i'm kinda bit lost.. LOL

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