I'm not techie but like to learn.
I know bloc sync has to do with the connection between a modem and isp.
I looked it up on the internet (wikipedia; dogpile search; dictionary.com) and was unable to find more information on the term itself/origin etc.
Anyone know/theorize?

I would suggest that the word, lounge, is a corrupted spelling of the word, longue, as in chaise longue, or long chair in English. A chaise longue is used to relax in and lay back as in an ultimate place of relaxation. While away the hours in a chaise longue (shez long). Somehow the spelling became corrupted, by ignorant English speakers misplacing the letter "U", into lounge, meaning to while away hours of leisure (in a chaise lounge). This new verb came to mean a place to leisurely sip cocktails and socialize, or a place to "lounge around".