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Pretty cool, what's up with the res??

I'm not sure. :sad:

** Yeah, I just went back and watched it again-- it's messed-up. It was very clear before. Not sure how that could happen. I do not know a whole lot about video\ audio.


A couple of months ago i got to fly in a chinook as a matter of fact

That's sweet. :) I have never been up in a heliocopter. I hope to go up in a fighter someday if I am so lucky.

I love the footage of the jets in this video; the fighter lifting off and the pilot looking back at the ground. The German planes painted in dark gray are quite nice and intimidating.

Somewhere recently I saw footage of the new tactical fighter produced by SAAB-- it is quite amazing. Designed to land on regular roads and maintained by a small crew of 3-4 non-specialized soldiers. I think it will be a powerful, new weapon in the European arsenal most likely.



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