I was given this logic puzzle and I have yet to figure it out....please help me....thank you....

Among the inhabitants of the strange land of Conundria are Veracks, Lugners, and Ambiguos. Despite similar outward appearance, the groups have very different cultures. For example, Veracks always tell the truth, Lugners always lie, and Ambiguos lie or speak truthfully seemingly at random. Of late, it's been even more difficult to tell these groups apart, because a viral disease known as Lugner flu has been going around. Those infected all act like Lugners and lie without exception. (Lugners themselves are immune to the disease, at least as far as anyone can tell.) Two people from each of the three groups chanced upon each other at the village square and discussed the peculiar goings-on. From their statements, see if you can determine the group to which each person belongs, and find out if he or she is infected with the Lugner flu.

Aditi: Grindel doesn't have the Lugner flu.

Grindel: Hamish isn't a Lugner. Stellara has the flu.

Hamish: Grindel isn't a Verack.

Lorayn: At least four of us have the flu. Grindel made at least one false statement.

Morvin: Aditi's statement is true. I am not a Verack suffering from the flu.

Stellara: Hamish has the flu. Lorayn and I are members of different groups. Grindel made at least one true statement.

NAME............... GROUP............... INFECTED?

It's called logic, hint try using a matrix....