Now i have decided to start studying(exams are approaching). First day was quite successful. I was able to study continuously for 1hr. Total i studied 2hr30min. :P :)


Wow, I don't want to know the size of insects in India... :mrgreen:

Maybe you should just invest in an electronic fly swatter.

Naa...it wouldn't be fair. Me with an electronic swatter and they with their pathetic needles...

Also it takes away all the fun and I dont get to kill my mind during studying..


i took my GCSE's last year (im doing AS at 6th form college now)
(wiki if your american and dont know what theese are)

I got

AA (Double award science)
C (Resistant materials technology)
A (English language)
C (English Lit.)
C (History)
B (Maths
B (Spanish)


Btw the B in ICT is stupid....... I rote an ASP.NET/SQL website that was basically like www.dabs.com and i got a D for it!



Review notes from class
Get objectives/goals
Make Index cards of correct answers
A little beer
review cards
More beer
reveiw crdas
Moor biereeeeeee
look at words spinning on card
More beer and stuff
Try to look for cards
More beer stuff
try to keep eyes open
pass out - sleep
wake up hung over to take test amazed that you remember the material but you can't remember who you were with, where you were at and what you were doing.

Deny the incidents when you college friends come over with their kids and bring up the story and hope your kids don't study like you :)

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hehe cute ..

Well you all seem to do alot of reading, this is infact a pretty bad way of taking things in. I often make notes and drawing can also be quite handy. Just reading sends me to sleep...

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