Disturbing noises can be heard from my neighbours

my neighbors are too good as they always think of my wellness.

Wellness and serenity are our common goals.

Goals, in a soccer game, decide which team wins.

Wins will be tallied at the end of the round.

Round is done when nurses and doctors are checking on their patients at the start of their shift

Shift is a popular flash game

Game cane be used for enjoyment as well as for education tool.

The recursive function is a useful tool.

(Wait, did he just...? Yes, I did.)

Tool is a device or implement, esp. one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function.

Function of heart in the human body is to pump blood.

Blood is kept in a vessel.

vessel is found to contain my medecine

game is something that helps you increase your thinking ability.

hey you have used wrong word
Ability word made me mad about hinking a sentence starting with it.

it is still a sentence, though.

Though I have a phone but I still want one more phone.

Phone contains contacts, music, games, images & other things.