Animals come in all shapes and sizes..... But they are VERY BEAUTIFULL :)

Beautiful though it may be, the Sun is also extremely hot.

Hot is the water in the kettle, although not actually steam, that would be invisible.

Invisible things are best left off on their own.

"Own leeeeeee the lown leeeeeee" is how I sound singing Roy Orbison songs in the bath.

Bath time songs are best restricted to baths.

Baths used to be another name for public swimming pools, here in the UK.

UK is where one of our Admin lives, I wonder if you have met him...;)

him is like "hymm" but without the pretty sounds and notes

Notes gathering session starts just before the onset of the examinations.

examinations, frustrations, revelations

Revelations is a pretty good song by Iron Maiden.

Maiden, Maid Marion marred by Mars immortal

Immortal is not for the body, but for the soul.

Soul, David - was a bad singer but a betterTV cop.

cop a substance in a little bag then wash it down the drain

Drainpipe trousers were what I wore as a teenager

teenagers and their teenage dreams, T-Rex and the rabbit fighters, too!

Too much caffeine can play havoc with your brainwaves.

Brainwaves and bars of base metal soothe the rapid, rabid soul.

Soul Reaper is what I am.

Am I alone-- or is it YOU?

You can run but you can't hide, scythe of the grim reaper will follow you wherever you go.

Enough of wordplay-- now a soft haiku-- recursion, yes

yes it is a bit nippy out tonight!

Night is always nice.

Nice is a horrible biscuit.

Biscuit, scone, Twinkie, stove.