It feels so good to see you back. ;)

Back on the farm, I talk to moo-cows.

Moo-cows, shmoo-cows -- pass the steak!

Steak, doe it mean a slice of meat cut from the fleshy part of an animal or large fish.

Large fish and chips twice, with a pickled egg and mushy peas.

Peas are as small as your brain:)

Brain is my favourite organ.

organ 4 sounded better than organ 3 did!!

(Sounded like Tin)

Choice is normally the variable which accepts user input... ;)

Input of data must be observed strictly.

Strictly adhere to the guidelines or the large security dude will stop you flat.

"Suck" is to pull air and\or objects in via your mouth-- and the air around us does so, too.

Too big chapters irritate me.

Me, myself, and I. What about you?

You, You and only you are a dumbo shark. :) :P

Shark as soup is good with fins and garlic.

Garlic is aromatic bulb used as seasoning

Seasoning is essential when eating cabbage.

Cabbage is the favourite vegetable of all vegetarians.

Vegetarians eat no form of meat and, yes, this includes chicken and fish. No meat.

Meat ? Oh yes it was long time back I had tasted meat, but now, no.

No one knows better than you.

You seem to be a level headed person my friend.

Friend is a word associated with a person who comes to your aid and is by your side in support in all reasonable situations.

Situations one finds one in can be quite embarrassing

Embarassing memories take a lot of time to fade away.

Away with the little folk, that's what my later father use to say.

Say something, don't just stand there like a mute!