If you would have searched for imploding roof, you would have found something more like a house.... ;)

aaw, but the computer was so fun!! :D

aaw, but the computer was so fun!! :D

I was just saying.. ;)

and the monitor looks more like if it has exploded. :cheesy:

Time for a new game perhaps? ... How about this one?

Pick a ridiculous situation.
Post a picture found with Google image search that illustrates it.
Pick the topic for the next person to do.

Ahh.. not a new game at all, but Alex is probably the only other one here who might even remember the infamous "Google-Pic Contests" waged by a certain denizen of The Net named FoBoT. His abililty to Google a picture for any idea thrown at him was a thing of wonder and legend.

In FoBoT's honor, I give you "the red brick computer":


(Yes, I know it's a Lego brick, but.. it's red, it's a brick, and it's a computer; job done)

Again in FoBoT's honor (and because I have a particular penchant for marsupials, and also that a non-marsupial creature mooning us has been offered already), might I ask for a pic of a Wombat giving us all the proverbial Moon?

Have at it folks....

Can't do that one, my server blocked it :p

btw the website i found the bearded lady on is pretty neat. They have a ton of funny pics.