Hi - My forum name is sooline and I am an Interactive Technical Manual (IETM) developer and designer. I develop in XML and convert
content to HTML, DHTML and PDFs. Usually, the content is bundled and
put on a CD or DVD for viewing. Because I would like to protect my
source files and applications from prying eyes I have been working on
a way to hide proprietary code files without impacting the functionality of the user seeing the content (i.e., HTML pages, graphics and animation) on the CD or DVD. Here is my question: Is there an application or database process that would protect or hide source files or folders on my CD or DVD without stopping my digital pages from being displayed by a user? My IETM currently autoplays and opens in a browser. There are hyperlinks and interactive icons to pages and functions. I want to protect my source files from the competiton. If a encrypt my source files in a protected folder, then my functionality is affected. I could always build a database with login permissions set to control viewing access to source folders, but that would be a monumental task to identify all of my objects. That may be my only solution. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks - sooline

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Welcome to Daniweb. You might find that you'll get a better response if you post you question in a more appropriate forum like the Windows Software forum or Storage forum. That's where the gurus hang out and hopefully they can give you the help you need. :)


Hi - My forum name is sooline and I am an Interactive Technical Manual (IETM) developer and designer.

Hi, sooline - did you used to work for the Soo Line railroad too? I spent a few years there (Minneapolis office, ITS help desk) in the early 90's.

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