Hi People, I'm fresh to the forum, come from a design background and now living and working in london looking to startup a website as detailed below, get in touch if your interested or just want to have a chat and share ideas etc

Yes we're looking for talent with brains, switched on entrepreneurial skills and a flair for coding. Experience in PHP/ASP/MySQL/Flash/ActionScript/JavaScript/HTML/CSS experience Experience with Flash Media Server Experience with server-side web frameworks Proven interactive design experience Development experience in C/C++ or Java.

How many languages do you speak, yes we're after a special person who speaks programming online but can identify the human on the other end of the computer through a more holistic and human-centred approach to design that is equally applicable to existing media and communications technologies.

We are looking for a creative programmer who wants to be involved as part of a fresh startup online media company. What are we offering?
For a start a chance to work with people with student media
awards under their belt, we can’t promise a salary but then it will your time and effort that ultimately decides how much you get paid.

Because of the nature of the project, the person would ideally be located in london, we are also interested to hear from people in southern england.


Do you think you can rise to the web 2.0 challenge?

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