Hello everyone! I stumbled upon this site while looking on the back links to my website. So I thought I would join. The site looks good and something that I was looking for.
I guess this is where I introduce myself eh? Well. Here goes.

I work full time as a Technology Support Specialist for Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI. I have worked here full time for a little over a year, and was a student worker here for a year before that. I'm finishing my degree in Business Administration, and will be done next August(2007).

I work with the following technologies:

Have dabled with the following languages(Listed from strongest to weakest)

PHP(implies css and html)
AutoIt v3
C++(not .net)
other misc other things which don't come to mind right now

Dell certified
A+ certified
Working on XP certification(then will upgrade to Vista)
Work on Dell hardware mostly, but can work on most other computer hardware.

Spyware and virus removal, and software problem resolution. Where I work each of us tend to specialize in one particular area, even though we are assigned various areas. One of my coworkers tends to specialize in printers, another in hardware, and me in software and spyware/virus removal. I also tend to specialize in finding weird but helpful software that helps my school do IT better.

Hit me up with any questions. If I don't know it, I might know where to find it! :cheesy:

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Hey there Bassgeek welcome to Daniweb...

Head over to the spyware section of the forum and you will find many newbies in search of expert advice...:D

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