Goodaye to everyone in the Forum...

I'm a Ozzie and that's fair dinkum...

Anyway enough of the sillyness but thanks for the opportunity of joining DaniWeb. My reason for joining is that I am heading toward the golden years and I am fairly literate as far as PC's go but at times some things are beyond my capabilities, therefore I have been looking for a great site that may be able to assist me from time to time...

A little more about me, just so you know...I'm a fairly unwell person and I've been married for 35 years. We have 2 daughters and 8 grandies, ranging from 8 mnths to 14 years of age...so because I am in a situation of unwellness so I do tend to spend a lot of time on me "ole` puter bug" as I call her, she's a lady puter. I write short stories and spend a bit of time playing Pogo and just the general puter stuff, like most peeps do!!

So that's a little bit about good ole`me...oh and did I mention I am all woman, just hear me roar!! :cheesy:

So bye for now...just going to catch up on the goss in the Forum and try and understand what my ole puter is doing or trying to tell me...Rundlls & cmicnfg.cp1 etc...

A joyous & Merry Christmas to all and may all of your dreams for the New Year -2007 come true...



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Hello there Sir, welcome to Daniweb..:D

We have got a lot of grandpa's around here so you won't be bored by being with the younger generation alone..;)


Hi there...

Sorry but I think you have the wrong person, I am a woman...not a grandpa, but that's okay! I give you permission to refer to me to as a Nanna but pls NOT grandpoppy, lol...



Err...yes, I apologize Nanna. :P

Hoping to see you around in the forums and yeah Merry Christmas to you too..:D


Did you miss the part where she said: oh and did I mention I am all woman, just hear me roar!! :p


So, Lilfairywren, what does 'fair dinkum' actually mean and what is the origin of the phrase then?

Oh, and welcome to DaniWeb! :)

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