I'm one of the principal developers for Wordtracker, an SEO tool vendor based in London. This role has me doing web development and full text work.

I develop in PHP, Ruby and C with some extra stuff in SQL, XSLT and shell scripts. I'm an OO coder rather than a functional one, but I'm trying to make amends by learning Scheme ;).

I also write articles and do tech reviwers and editorships for books, mainly PHP focused ones. Oh, and I do some agile development consultancy work too.

yours, Marcus

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Don't forget that you wrote Simpletest which is one of the more popular unit tests available for PHP. (See entry in Wikipedia).

For anyone who doesn't know who Marcus is, he is an incredible programmer and we are very lucky to have him here.

Glad you came to Daniweb, Marcus. :)


Actually I used to live in Saff' London too!

Ooh, which part? I was dragged up on and around the Old Kent Road (cheapest square on the UK Monopoly board, for our US friends), went to school in New Cross (Askes) and lived most of my life up to the age of 18 in Brockley/Crofton Park.


Hi Marcus! Welcome to DaniWeb. Stymiee, do you know him personally? Did you invite him here?

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