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Well if you search for Anonymusius in images you get nothing, if you search for anonymous you get link.

Pretty funny, It never happened to me that the name Anonymusius was taken, I guess it's pretty unique. If I search for Anonymusius on google I get al kind of results of forums I ever posted on and highscores I ever made :P. Pretty funny (didn't wade through all, so not sure it's all me).

Now I'm wading though it I see my nick is on http://www.coolestnickname.com/index.php/11-Dec-2006/4 :P


Ah...it was just a joke. Mabe I really am lost of sense of humour.

Anyways whenever you feel like changing your name, just let Miss Dani know about it and she will do it for you.


I have already reported your post as "Bad Post" for abusing the topic of the thread....:D

We wanted to see the real Blud, the MMORPG phreak..;)

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