Hello my name is NettNutt aka Adam I am a professional Geek. I am a web master/ web designer for a major advertising firm as well as a self proclaimed computer fixit guru ( or so my family and friends think) I have worked at Best Buy selling computers I was also on the path to working in the Geek Squad but found the job at the advertising firm to be more my cup of tea. I hope that I will be of some service to this forum and will enjoying making many new friends.


Happy Holidays.

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well looks like not the only geek im being proclaimed programmer guru here too ¬¬ it sucks when they ORDER you to fix something even do you cant because its ISPs problem! hehehe sorry lots of ISPs wars being fought me against ISP hehehe... anyway welcome im almost new here but i hope to help people, im a webdesigner you cant take a look at my website (signature) is about web hosting but we are expecting to develop more projects since hosting for us is free lol! :cheesy:


Being a geek is a bit like being a doctor, everyone assumes you can fix their ills whoever they are, whatever they are, wherever you are. :)

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