Hi all !
I hope i'll be welcome here, it seems like very advanced programming forum, i will ilke to take place in it.

Alittle about myself

Recently, i started to learn C++, i also learned some other languages as a hobby.. but i looked on C++ because of future reasons, i really like to be a programmer and work as one in the future.. i think this will be a good choice, after all the future is computers right ? :)
but most importantly, i kinda like it.. :cheesy:

Right now i'm in a "quick" cource for C++ programming language, i took it because i need to pass a test in order to be accepted in the university.. and then, with god's help i'll (try) to do my B.Cs :lol:

well that's about it..
I really would like to get some feedback from ppl who have done thir B.Cs's, how it's like? Hard? Fun? Nightmare?
are you happy with your decision?
are you loaded with money already? :cheesy:
please say anything you like about your experience.

Oh.. and expect waves of questions from me in the near time

Happy Christmas All !

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Of course you are welcome here!

Hope you find what you need and hang around long enough to share your experiences with the DaniWeb community.

Merry Yule...

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