I guess everyone knows how difficult task it is to potray oneself in words. You can never show "what you really are", to others. Writing introductions is not enough to present yourself in true colors of your own. It will just give you the vision of one's outer self, not the inner one! I feel that You can't guess one's personality by just reading their introductions. Until and unless you stay with them, communicate with them, being part of their laughters and despairs. And believe me one can't possibly explain him/herself completely. It's the people who can tell you more clearly about you. Whatever, if people like it that way and always wanted to know about me.. here I've written this conventional introduction. I might have not been able to shed light on many of my lift aspects... if you feel you wanted to know something about me PM me on forum you can PM me anytime and expect a reply soon.

Hey.. This is Nuruddin, from Kuwait. I came on this beautiful planet on 16th April 1983. A perfect Arian... These people are brave, honest, courage is always a part of life, possessive, loving, caring and straight forward.

I just love music.. , quotes, surfing, hanging out, long drive, friends, movies and whatever comes by... I have been a net freak For 10 years now... I was always interested in finding new things, collecting funny and interesting pictures, text files, inspirations, quotes and thoughts on love etc.. This is all about myself...

Take Care of Yourself.
Love Always,

Hi Nuruddin, welcome to DaniWeb from the lovely Happygeek :)