Good Afternoon & Happy Holidays:
I am new to all of this and hope I am on the right site....i searched for ipod chatrooms & was sent here.
I am recently Blind (Surgery last month did not work). I bought an ipod, after earlier this year getting a Zen MP3. I made the switch as I had 2 problems. The Zen did not hold enough music for me and the scroll was unreliable....I love the ipod.
I do have a question though:
I have over 2,700 songs on my Zen, in playlists, and in sequences I like. That took me a great deal of time to do!
Is there ANY way to transfer all of that music to my ipod in the lists & sequences I already have them (I don't have the sight to redo all). So far, no one I have asked can come up with a simple way and I really want to accomplish this quickly as it is my main source of entertainment & relaxation.
Thank you!

P.S. I am quite inept on a computer.

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