Good Afternoon & Happy Holidays:
I am new to all of this and hope I am on the right site....i searched for ipod chatrooms & was sent here.
I am recently Blind (Surgery last month did not work). I bought an ipod, after earlier this year getting a Zen MP3. I made the switch as I had 2 problems. The Zen did not hold enough music for me and the scroll was unreliable....I love the ipod.
I do have a question though:
I have over 2,700 songs on my Zen, in playlists, and in sequences I like. That took me a great deal of time to do!
Is there ANY way to transfer all of that music to my ipod in the lists & sequences I already have them (I don't have the sight to redo all). So far, no one I have asked can come up with a simple way and I really want to accomplish this quickly as it is my main source of entertainment & relaxation.
Thank you!

P.S. I am quite inept on a computer.

Merry Yule and welcome to DaniWeb. You need to go and ask your iPod question in the Gadgets and Gizmos forum where all the people most likely to be able to help hang out.

Good luck!