Well, I am unsure of how to "introduce myself" I tried to find the quick reply capability but I am running out of ideas - so, at the risk of irking everyone - let me introduce me... (sounds redundant!)

I am a newbie to blogging, forums, posting, etc. However, I am not new to the IT industry. To tell you how long I have been doing this would be to give away my age (yuck!)

I have hobbies outside of the digital arena... they include sausage making, bee keeping, hunting, cheese making, and writing fiction. I currently work as a help desk manager (of sorts) and I enjoy what I do. There are times when I need the assistance of a fellow Geek:rolleyes: and that is why I have subscribed to DanaiWeb. So, again, if my post is incorrectly submitted, I offer my humblest apologies and ask for gentle correction and advice on how to properly post.

I look forward to being a part of this particular cyber community.

Thanks! Digi (Oh and that nickname was given to me when I wrote code using Digital Equipment computers - the VAX community).

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Hi Digi, you are managing just fine! Welcome to DaniWeb, here's hoping you find all the help and discussion your are looking for in our community.

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