I am Yagyesh here from Bangalore, India. This is my first time to join a forum..and it looks to me as if I have come across a great one!

Basically an EEE grad, I have worked in the S/w & IT industry since the beginning of my career. I have been into content handling & testing for an year. After that, now I'm into networking and IT support from the past 1 year. We have a workgroup in our company which we plan to convert to a domain, as the no. of machines have increased from 7 to 21...Well, I'm working on that nowadays.

About my leisure hours; generally I've them in the night, so I prefer to spend them sleeping :) On Sundays, I try to listen to some melodious music, and also fast music to dance on.

I hope, I'll have a good learning in this wonderful place.

Thanks, and hope to listen from you guys there!

Kind regards,
Yagyesh Sharma

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Hi Yagyesh, welcome to DaniWeb. I visited Bangalore just before xmas for the Osmosis TechFest at the MindTree campus funnily enough...


Thanks for your reply, Davey...drop me an email when you are here next....together we can have more fun :)


My schedule didn't allow for much fun, apart from the last night when the arranged dinner was canceled so the four of us from the UK had a rather boozy night in the swish oriental restaurant (I know, but we had been eating authentically up until that point) at our hotel, the Taj Residency.

Next time, I'll hopefully have more down-time to see a bit of Bangalore...


Hey there Yagyesh, welcome to Daniweb from a fellow Indian....

Hope you enjoy your stay here. :D

Hi ~s.o.s~, great to hear from you! Thanks!

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