New member here. Well i guess i should tell you that im 15 and looking into starting programming. Taking a class in school for VB which i hope will be my first step into programming. Taking the class since i have a hard ass time trying to teach myself. Im hoping to change that here on these forums with the tutorials ive found around on here. So heres my introduction.

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Welcome, KalebG! If you haven't already found it yet, the VB forum is here. Have a good time at Daniweb!


i am 17 now

i started VB first when i was 14 so i could get an understanding of the concepts behind programming and general good coding practice

then i moved on to c# and am now doing basic c++

hint: spend the money and get a good book - do not ever buy anything that says for dummies or in 24 hours (although 21 days is good) - my fave is VB.NET 2005 step by step by microsoft press

if you are a student you can get the full Visual Studio Standard (academic licence) for under £40 off of www.dabs.com (uk site may not be ok if your american) - usual price is over £500

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