Hey guys and gals.

I'm not really new to DaniWeb, though I have been absent for a while. I am going to try to pick up the pace, and try to post every day. I have never really made a formal introduction, so here it goes.

My name is Caleb and I'm currently enrolled in a COSC BS program. I am not sure of the education path I'm going to take after that, though I am seriously considering doctoral studies in networking. Networking is my passion; I love every bit and layer. I will be recieving a major in networking when I graduate, and will hopefully be able to pass the CCNP exam that summer, as our networking course is an affiliation of cisco networking academy.

I currently have my A+ and wil attempt my Network+ this summer. I am also an MCP in Windows XP, and an MCSE in Server2003. I will be the first to admit I should not be an MCSE. I attended a two-week boot camp in Tampa, FL where I basically had the tests taught to me 8 hours a day for two weeks. I would not attempt to clep out of any college programs related to the MCSE, because I know I am no as qualified as the certificate shows. The only accomplishment of the two week stay in Tampa is I was one of I think 4 people to pass all seven exams.

Plain and simple, I love computers, I love networking... My girlfriend has the "I love my Geek" shirt... life is good.

Above all of this, I am a Christian. I love the Lord Jesus Christ, and desire nothing more than to please him. I work for an engineering branch as the network administrator (~20 users).

DaniWeb Goal: To become a Moderator for the Networking board :D


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