What a wonderful opportunity to really succeed in this world of unlimited opportunity that the Internet provides for us.

I will be as clear and upfront as I can to those who would like to take on some wonderful projects with my team of creative people and marketing experts. A healthy give and take of skills does wonders.

Having come from a Graphic Design, Marketing and 'Advanced Thinking / Unlimited potential' background, it was clear that the Internet is the place to be, to really do something amazing - and fast!

However, having done lots of research, it becomes clear that there are many skills needed to really make some $ and do something different. Not many people have the skills they need to succeed on their own.

What my team and I can do very well is this:
Create new concepts and Ideas, Fresh and Innovative
Create high-end, professional graphics, quality Websites and Navigation
Create 1st Class copy and marketing strategies.
Target the right audience for the project
Predict trends

What we can't do is:
most of the technical stuff that loads of other people have, yet remain unsuccessful due to their lack of ideas, design skills, quality copy and strategy etc.

It would really be good to do some well targeted projects with combined skills of creative, marketing, strategy with technical mastery. With co-operation and clarity in all areas it is possible to manifest real and sustainable success.

I leave it to anyone interested to contact me, and am happy to share advise and insights about the things I can do well.

Have an amazing, prosperous and fully successful 2007!


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Hello my friend, welcome to Daniweb. :D Wish you a happy 2007.

And btw, you really have a good concept there... (pun intended)


Imagination, inspiration & practical application with determination.

We can't stop the rain, but can appreciate it for what it is (and wear a rain coat...)


I have loads of ideas for this internet marketing game, but missing half the team...

Wishing you an inspired day.



ps. I was in India for 5 month in 2006 and go their every year. Was actually looking to work with people in Mumbai on this idea - but wasn't ready myself at that time.

A lot can bei achieved with the right team and sound plan.


We can't stop the rain, but can appreciate it for what it is (and wear a rain coat...)

Ah..what a good thing to say, that sure is deep mate. Don't get to interact with inspired and self driven people like you everyday.

May your determination and confidence help you in achieving the perfect team you so search for.

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