My friend and I were playing a cool video game on the PS2 called Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol the other day. I'm thinking about buying the game for myself because it comes with a USB microphone plus 40 songs to sing from. Since I love singing, this will be a perfect way to get the three judges to like my singing in the game. So far, I've sung three songs: "Don't You Want Me," "Easy," and "Heartbreaker." The judges were a little brutal with me when I sung "heartbreaker," but they loved the other two songs I sung.

Have you guys played this game yet? If not, it's worth checking out to see how good your singing is, according to these three judges.

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So I have SingStar Rocks but just saw an ad for the new Karaoke Revolution for American Idol. How does it compare? Did you ever get it? Do I need to go buy it or what? I saw here that it says that the song list is more diverse than SingStar. Also, I guess the microphones are not compatible between the two games, but I also saw that you can buy the bundle pack for Karaoke Revolution American Idol that includes one for not much more so that’s probably what I’ll do. So, who’s played it and what is your opinion of it and the song list?

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