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that's not too far fetched. When I was first working patrol .. I had this second chance brand vest ... It was bulky, heavy, and sweaty.. but I wore it day and nite It had no protection on the sides and it had 1 1/2 inch gap above the duty belt. As time went by the vest got lighter and lighter. We used to cut old vest and make groin guards lower leg guards, and arm guards... there was a vendor who lightened up the bomb suits for us entry.assaulters also we wore kevlar helmets and face shields .. the only problem with the suits is mobility and effects on stamina and endurance under stress.

For crowd control ... there was a great suit .. it was a jumpsuit modified with padded inserts for blunt trauma..

The role of the military has change from land to urban warfare and quasipolice actions .. therefore if the maker was to make this suit a little lighter, more mobile and give the user more ventilation and visibility ... it would be well received.
You know with a vest you still get injured ...you get a couple of cracked ribs and one mean bruise .... but at least you'rr. alive

Now the maker has one more challenge ... try to get a military service dog or a police K9 into the suit and the dog has to still be able to move

War or Armed conflicts aren't the best things in the world but when all else fails .. I'll take the lack of comfort for protection ..I'd wear the suit.


The suit is pretty cool and impressive considering the maker designed, built, and tested himself. I could imagine what the D.O.D. could do with it if they got their hands on it: classified materials, etc. I am certain our military labs are already developing similar environments for the modern soldier. The next 20-years will surely reveal some very interesting, military technology.

Matty D.


They have a suit already they are testing ... and when I semi retired from the PD .. guys on the Swat entry team were using full suits ... Back In 96 all I had was a kevlar shield, helmet.. homemade arm and lower leg guards ( I was pointman ) It was kinda funny though my whole team was able to make themselves small and get tight to my side and behind me to get cover from the shield and I. Sometimes I wish we were transformers or Had Suits like that) I lost some good friends in armed encounters :(

Ther's not to many of us left .. cancer, heart disease, hypertension and other diseases took alot of us in retirement.

Da good thing about it is the few of us alive are really great friends :)

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