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Probably a little over the top :)

I used to be heavily pierced 10 years ago, 15 or so in each ear, three in my eyebrow, a couple in my nose, and so on continuing further south. They came out when new babies arrived, after the first couple had been pulled out by little fingers in fact.

Have to say, I always fancied getting implants on top of my head so I could have one of those screw in metal spike mohawks. But then, I readily admit that I am just not normal.

These days I leave the body modifcation down to tatoos and nothing else, with work on my right 'sleeve' nearing completion. Probably another couple of 5 hour sessions and it will be done. Mainly getting the background in now to remove all traces of virgin skin showing through. Then work starts on the left sleeve, which will be another year in the doing, before work starts on the backpiece.

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