Hello everyone, I'm new here as you can see.

Most of what I do on the computer is photoshop, video gaming, and email, but occasionally I will tinker with my system and do simple fix-its for my parents ^^;.

As far as what things I like to do away from the computer, there's art, soccer, camping, and some other extracurricular stuff like debate in high school :confused:

As for why I came here, it's basically because my laptop is... crashing. I've come to this site before to get information with virus and adware attacks so I figured I should ask about this one. Anyways, quite literally my laptop fell off my table after I tripped over the chord, and ever since I've been getting a critical error. It still turns on and loads normally (at first), but something else is messed up in either the bios or OS apparently... If anyone could help me out that'd be wonderful =)

Anyways, nice to meet all of you and I hope to become an active (well more like contributing) member of this community.

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Welcome to Daniweb my friend.. :D

And it would be better if you post your doubts in the Windows section to get the maximum help.


So noted ^^, thanks for the nice welcome.

Btw: I like your quotes.


Thanks ^_^ for the compliment and yeah you are most welcome. Feel free to discuss anything offtopic and funny here...

It really is fun -- you will definately find some of the most shady characters there...


find some of the most shady characters there...

Although not, perhaps, all slim ones.

Wanders off mumbling about must stop listening to Eminem when working...

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