My name is Mel.

I have a Associate Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology
Bachelors in Biology
Work as a Microbiologist
And getting my Masters in Information Systems Management

I know your wondering why a Science major is going into computers, but I have to say computers are in our ever changing world and I do like the whole process of troubleshooting and just working on computers in general. Plus I think it is good to have a second skill and craft in this world today.

So I am a beginner in the programming world.

So hello all!

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Hi Mel, welcome to DaniWeb. My sister qualified as a Microbiologist, in fact she over-qualified with a Masters and then couldn't get a job. Ended up becoming a nurse, specialising in mental health and now runs a large mental health NHS authority in London.


i have a similar plan of science + ict for when i go to uni (for A levels im doing computing, chemistry and Biology)


You know that is what happens to alot of people who enter the science field. You either have to try to find a job in research or pharmacet company or etc. and that is very competitive. And the unfortuante part alot people do end switching their majors.

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