I'm a self taught computer user. I started on an Apple IIC, then upgraded to an 8088. My first modern computer was a AMD 166 micro tower. When I bought my First House, I bought this AMD 2000+ hand have up graded it to 1 gig of ram and 80 gig HD! I have added a egro KB and a 19" monitor! Other than that it's mostly stock!

I was a live sound reinforcement engineer of r atouring band from 1987 until 1992! I went ot work locally and found that if you don't tour, you don't make money!

So rather than end up divorced for the 2nd time, I had to do something quick. Earlier in my life I had the equivalient to a CDL (Commercial Drivers License). Now I can drive the big rigs, however I choose to sleep on my own bed nightly, and eat supper with my family.

I now drive a steel bed dump truck for a local paving company! I haul demo and material including asphalt! I'm laid off for the winter, and this is when I really use the electrons out of my PC, not as a gamer, but an activist!

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