Omg everyone terible news.......Steve Irwin just died!!! :P

he been dead for moths lasher.
Thats not funny

11+ exam?

i sat SATS?

Not sure what SATs are. But the 11+ in Northern Ireland is the exam you take in your last year of Primary School, it then determines what school you do to next (Grammer etc). Might be the same thing, but that's what I did anyway :lol:

yeah we had SATS in year 6 (end of primray school)

In Year 8 we had internal exams

And in year 9 we had more SATS
In year 10/11 you do GSCE's (the real deal)

But i think thier scrapping SATS now

You can see the differences between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland. We are in Primary School for 7 years (plus when I was there we did an extra year of Reception), then started 1st year Secondary School (or as you call it, year 8). So I was doing my GCSE's at year 12.

Crazy country my wee one.

Slightly off the topic, but thought I would share that nugget of information. You will thank me if it wins you a pub quiz ;) lol

first year in secondary school in the UK is actually year 7

primray is Reception -> 6
secondary is 7-11 (10/11 is when you do GCSE's)

12 and 13 are upper and lower sixth forkm college (if you choose to stay on)

Yes that is what I said. What you would call year 8, is our first year. You would have been there 2 years - we just start.