Hey everyone,

I'm a brand new member (well, I signed up last month and lost the link!).

So where to start with the intro... I'm a 21 year old student, my course at Uni in Liverpool is Computer Games Technology, and as you might have guessed from that I am an avid gamer!

I am currently on a years work placement with a software development firm, really enjoying myself.

I spend my weekends relaxing, having a few drinks and watching football. Oh and on that note my favourite teams are Rangers and Everton :)

Not sure what else to say, so I shall leave it at that.

Cheers and hi again


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Hi Matt, glad you found the link again. Welcome to DaniWeb. I dunno, computer games technology huh, they never had courses like that when I was young. :)


Hi happygeek,

So am I! It was bothering me for a long time, and believe me I had some funny notions of what the link was... if I had searched them at work the Info Services department would have been paying me a visit haha.

And don't worry although it sounds strange, it is a real course, but it is really just a fancy title. We do lots of 3D graphics work and animation, but really it's the same as the Software Engineering course as we had nearly all the same classes :)

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