Does anyone know of any quality free online games - turn based games would be good lol

I tend to pop over to a few developer forums to play an RPG. I won't name them here as that would just be rude, but they are basically simple text games built in.

Or, for more long term fun, you could try aka Mafiareturns

It's been many moons since I played it so please be sure to google the name mafia returns first as I know there was trouble between a few admins so a new one was started.

It's rather good, simple, free but you have to keep playing to get anywhere. If the Cosa Nostra theme is your bag there is also (again free but google the address!) which again takes time, but it's a lot harder to get killed.

Does anyone bother with Downlaods and Free Trials?

Most people at work would be caught out if they started downloading game demos :) Plus you are limited, which would suck very quickly