I'm not sure if I should be posting this at all, but oh well. ;o)

I know myself for one is constantly looking for freebie downloads, mainly software. Recently I've gotten the full versions of Office 2000, Flash 5, and Visual Studio 6 (Standard). I've been looking for a working Visual Studio install for some time now, around a year or two. Finally a friend of mine directed me to www.imesh.com, to get their p2p software. I haven't looked into any of their spyware (if any), and I know they have adware. They have great software searches, and you can find just about any software you like.

Acoustica was getting on my nerves with their trial, so I hop on imesh and download Nero, which turns out to be better than Acoustica IMHO.

One of the administrators at imesh has created a list of filenames and filesizes to actual versions of the software, so just hop on and type in the filename listed, check the size and you're on your way to the full version of it.

I have found imesh as an invaluable resource indeed ;o)

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Hey there. Thanks for the feedback. As you may have guessed, you're discussing something completely illegal here - and that's getting software for nuttin ;) Don't take this personally, but topic locked.

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