Hey everyone,

Not sure if this has been tried yet, but this is a game I play with my mom and brother over email...

Very simple, just scramble up a word, and the first person to guess the word gets to go next.

note that it won't go as fast as the others, you spammers :P


* Word length can not excede 10 letters
* Only one word at a time
* Wait for confirmation before posting your scrambled word
* If someone guesses a word, and it is not confirmed within 24 hours, it is automatically their turn.
* Be resonible... Don't try to stop the game =P
* Please bold your scrambled word
* Refrain from using purals (i.e., shoes instead of shoe)
* Check the spelling of your words!
* Make sure you have included every letter!

Hope this works our good.

I'll start:


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