Hello everyone. I just wanted to say hi ! and thank you to let me in.
I'm writing this from Barcelona(SPAIN) sunny and beautifil city.

I have to refresh a little bit of my memory about HTML thing now, so
I've joined this comunity.

Thank you and best regards!

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Hello ~s.o.s~ & christina>you
Thank you for your welcome messages.

Though it's cloudy :( in Barcelona today, 17 C already at 10 AM, very warm.This is not normal.
We haven't enjoyed winter time(I love skiing) and now spring has come already...!

Now almond trees are in full bloom.
Barcelona is nice and cozy Mediterranean city.
I recommend for your next vacation destination. :)


Welcome indeed, Barcelona is one of my favourite cities on the planet. Perfect mix of great architecture, great people and great atmosphere.


Hello happygreek & mattyd.

Thank you for your messages.
Yes, Barcelona is a litte bit caos in city centre
between new and old things, but I love it!

Already people go to the beach on Sundays.
It's really luxury, isn't it?


Hello tins, Phrogramer, christina>you.

Gracias por vuestros mensajes!
Encantada de conoceros!

... do you understand this phrase? : )


Let me see, it's been a while since I've translated spanish...

Thanks for your messages...
umm that's all I could get lol.

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