You can tell a lot about a person from their keyboard and mouse choices. What's your favorite keyboard and mouse? Why do you like it? What kind of work do you do?

My favorite mouse is the Logitech G5. Aside from having a comfortable grip and gaming quality stats, I love being able to change the sensitivity and weight. My old mouse was a Microsoft wireless dealie, and I stuck with it for the longest time because it felt so good. The G5 is much better though. :)

My favorite keyboard is this little beauty. The Logitech G11 gaming keyboard. It's designed for gamers, but as a programmer, I fell in love with it immediately. I prefer to work in the dark (especially at work where fluorescent lighting gives me a headache) and the blue lighting is great. :) I like the music controls, but that's pretty standard on higher end keyboards anyway. The best part is the macro keys. I've come to rely on them for everything from loading applications to handling common code operations. Of course, I also find typing to be incredibly comfortable with this keyboard. That's a first for me; I used to just suffer with the awkwardness of whatever keyboard I was using.

I can't really say "favorite" because all the keyboards I've ever worked on were pretty crappy.

At the moment I'm using a Logitech mouse (I can't remember which model; it's just a basic optical mouse with a scroll wheel), and an old Apple keyboard from the PowerMac G4 days. :) I find my mouse to be decent, although it would be nice if it had more features (in other words, I need to cough up the money to get a good mouse). The Apple keyboard is OK, except that I find the keys a little bit too mushy for my liking.

I agree with your choices! Logitech is probably one of the best brands to buy keyboards/mice, and I've read really good reviews about their peripherals. I especially like that glow-keyboard.

By the way, does anyone have those Microsoft erganomic keyboards? I've heard that your typing speed increases significantly when using the spread-out design.

I don't have a prefered keyboard, as I've been without a desktop for going on a year now. Even with a desktop, I've used cheap boards. With my new pc, I will be purchasing a comfort Microsoft keyboard (hopefully).

As for the best mouse... well.. no contest. Anything from RazerZone is considered top of the line in my book. As of now I have the Razer Diamondback and I love it! I've heard of people purchasing these mice and selling them on eBay because of the high sensitivity, but lately I've taken advantage of the sensitivity and also taken my laziness to the next level, only having to move a couple inches to click anywhere on my screen... Incredible! If you go to the site, I'm sure any gamer will be persuaded, as these are engineered for gaming and you will have a very tough time finding any competition for these guys. Avg Price: ~$60

The only keyboards I'm comfortable with are the split ones, like Microsoft natural keyboards.
All others give me pain in my shoulders and wrists after a while (usually a short while by now).
The current 4000 model from Microsoft is excellent, best I've ever used. Comfortable, sensible feedback on pressing a key, key action decently strong, and the thing isn't so light it keeps sliding out from under your hands.

For mice, the old Microsoft Intellimouse explorer is one of my favourites, but it's sadly no longer available.
But any symetrical model (I use it lefthanded, most good mice are made specially for righthanded use) that's large and bulky stands a good chance of being decent. As I spend a lot of time not using it it's a bit less important than the best possible keyboard, but I still require a model that fits my hands well or again it's problems with the wrists after a while.

My favorite mouse is the Logitech G5.

I use a similar optical cordless Logitech. Mine has 2 side buttons and only one under the scroller. GS model I think -- it's a few years old.

My favorite keyboard is this little beauty. The Logitech G11 gaming keyboard.

I haven't found a great keyboard since they moved the function keys to the top row. About two years ago I dusted off an old Gateway 2000 keyboard for a while until the keys started dying. I wanted to get back to the side function keys but discovered my muscle memory atrophied to the point I wasn't using the side keys... Dang it...

I have a dell keyboard which came with my dell computer... and a microsoft mouse that's blue and has a red laser.

beat that. :cool:

my keyboard is circa 1993. I love it as its clicky - hate those new keybiards with small squidgy keys (have to use a d to ps/2 adapter lol)

I love my laptop keyboard and built in mouse

I love my laptop keyboard and built in mouse

i like the red mousey things on IBM thinkpads.
Hate touchpads.

> My favorite keyboard is this little beauty.
Hope it has a real nice and good "delete" key.... ;)

I am really good at adjusting to any kind keyboards and mice as long as they aren't extremely uncomfortable or crappy. What really matters in my case is the kind of kind of comfort level offered by the chair on which I am sitting.

i hat those us keyboards where the enter key is where shift should be (i like th big L enter keys)

ah i remember those in like 3rd grade...

tells you how advanced england is ;)...

jkjk :mrgreen:

the big enter key rocks

only things with the us style ones on here are some laptops and those wierd compact keyboards

>the big enter key rocks
Actually I hate big enter keys, because on most keyboards that means shrinking the backspace key in order to make room for the pipe/backslash key. I need a big backspace key for coding. :D,CRID=2162,CONTENTID=11986 this one's decent except for the mouse (too contoured, useless for lefthanded people).

So I use this one:
I did use this one: but threw it against the wall until it exploded in frustration because the radio unit wouldn't work properly (interference from something in the area meant it constantly lost connection). is the best mouse I ever used, but it's sadly no longer sold here.

I recognize the backtick (I think that's what it's called; slanting apostrophe?) on the key next to the one; what are the other two symbols?

And how come the 4 key ended up holding an extra symbol (beyond normal shift-set) while none of the other numeric keys have done so? (I'm assuming that's the Euro symbol; is this correct?)

i think the backtick is called the tilde. dont have a clue about the other ones, you only ever really need them for command line stuff

and yes that is a euro symbol , you get it by doing control-alt 4

A titlde is produced by the same key as the backtick by holding down the SHIFT key.

hey does anyone know what point there is on having an fn key ona desktop keyboard?

i know on my laptop i can do teh fn key + one of the fkeys to change monitor, suspend etc... but my parents new desktop keyboard has an fn key and i was just wondering what purpouse it might serve (the keyboard is full size)

i think the backtick is called the tilde. dont have a clue about the other ones, you only ever really need them for command line stuff

A titlde is produced by the same key as the backtick by holding down the SHIFT key.

The tilde is a separate symbol, used in spanish and possibly other languages as a variant of accent marker (spanish features two versions of the letter n, with somewhat different pronunciations, where one of the two is a normal 'n', and the other has a tilde on top), in mathematics as a symbol meaning 'roughly equal to' or 'approximately', and in ~s.o.s~'s name as beginning and end points.

And on that keyboard, the tilde key isn't in its usual spot; it's sharing a key with the pound symbol (#) next to the enter key.

i think the backtick is called the tilde. dont have a clue about the other ones, you only ever really need them for command line stuff

` is called an accent grave (pronounced gr-ah-ve not gr-ay-ve)
~ is the tilde
Top symbol is not, on a webpage it's the symbol &not
I've seen the symbol on the next key but also haven't a clue what it is.

And they are not there for command line, they are there for typing.

hey does anyone know what point there is on having an fn key ona desktop keyboard?

For one, it can be used to control a device connected to the computer. In one instance I know, Fn-F8 will turn on the overhead projector in a meeting/class room.

why is the # key called the pound key?

i call it the hash key as thats what telephone voicemail services tell you it is.

>wat u mean shrink the backspace key?
Ah, the British keyboard is interesting. I've never seen one before. Most American keyboards don't have the pipe on the far left at the bottom, so the left shift key is actually the same size as the right shift.

The pipe key is usually either placed beside the [] keys, shrinking the enter key. Or it's placed on the top row beside the backspace key, cutting it in half.

Here's a picture of my keyboard:

heres some pics of my gaming wifi optical set - £20 From m&s
(nice and compact = good for gaming, crappy for typing) - i use a nice clicky one for college stuff

sorry there so dirty

look at the really stupid small backspace and enter key grrr thats why i only use that one for gaming, not for serious typing

its also got some nice multifunction buttons though to do things like sync my pda and it has a usb hub