Hello Everybody,
I rarely use the forums even I use the computer since 1994. I always play games online. I guess I am a quiet person or shy person OR LAZY person. Who knows.

My name is: Matthew
Location: Colorado Springs
Education: BS in CS degree, pursuing for CS-SE (Software Engineer)

Occupation: Software Engineer

Hobby: Sports, Extreme Adventures

Food: Fruits
Drink: Juices

Yes, I born with deafness naturally.

I hope this forum will aid me at my understanding in many languages (C++, Java, JS, JSP, XML, etc) even I took all advanced courses but still feel some lacks at some points.

I hope I able to stick with this forum and forms some friendship with whoever are friendly. Excuse my English grammar. It is my worst subject because I am using ASL (American Sign Language) which have totally different structural grammar than English.

Drop a message for me whenever you feel like. Take care!

Hi Matthew, welcome to DaniWeb.

welcome to daniweb Matthew.
What games do you play by the way

welcome to daniweb Matthew.
What games do you play by the way

Thanks for your welcome.

Games I play:
World of WarCraft

I do not play that much as before but will do after my graduation.

What about you? :)


Contact me when you get a chance. I am starting up an exciting project for the DHH which will increase media access. I am looking for some software developers to put together a team and see if there is interest in building this. Of course, this is an open-source based project that we will keep under wraps and unveil to the world at a later date.

Contact me at sfoster73 at yahoo dot com.


Hello, Matthew, and welcome to Daniweb-- glad that you are here. :)


Hi and welcome to DaniWeb!