So i signed up here a while ago, looking for some work to help me with mine (College - BTEC National IT). I'm kim - or hbk as the internet knows me. whats hbk you ask? Heart Break Kid, Shawn Micheals. Yup, check my profile. I likes that rassin' :cheesy: don't be afraid though, i'm cool. A slight hyper oddball but cool nonetheless :mrgreen:

currently listening to: Nickleback - Someone that you're with (WMP is full of Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Nickleback, Panic! at the disco! Saliva etc)

currently surrounded by: A psychology revision book, a c-programming book, a visual basic book, a couple wrestling autobiographies, a mug i won at a pancake flippin' contest at work (Good ol' Tesco), an UnderTaker teddy bear (see me and him here: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y69/hbk619/me/teddy.jpg ) and an IT revision book.

machine i'm using: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y69/hbk619/me/acerlaptop.jpg that site jacknife500.proboards57.com - Wolfies Den is my second home :cool:

i'm sure you're all backing away slowly now, but this is what happens when you give me free speech :twisted: , also i post in green. would be gren (lime green) but the background is pretty light on here and i want people to be able to read me!

I also like playing with PaintShopPro.. when i have a spare minute...

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Not sure about the posting in green bit, good old black is sure a lot easier on the eys. But welcome to DaniWeb all the same, HBK :)


>i want people to be able to read me!
Please, green is really hard to read, and coloring entire posts like you are doing is really annoying. If you could refrain from it except for emphasizing a point, that would be great. Thanks.

And welcome to DaniWeb, I hope you enjoy it here.


but... it's a tradition :( ... if there was a black background you'd see it sweet8.. it's just a way when i re-enter a thread i can see where i posted


But there isn't a black background :)

That's a bit like me writing in Arabic and saying 'but if you could read Arabic everything would be clear.'


am i the only one that can see the green clear here anyway? it's almost the same as the black..

and fair point with the arabic *evil stare* ;)


Posting in green is actually against our forum policies. I'll let it slide here in the community introductions forum, but according to the forum rules: Use [bbcode] only when it is necessary to the comprehension of your post. Avoid using an excessive amount of [bbcode] to alter font styles or to draw more attention to your post.


Hey there Kim, welcome to Daniweb :D

And as far as grabbing attention is concerned, you can always attach your photo with every post and be rest assured that your photo...err I mean your post will always be read... ;)


i think my picture will make people run for the hills ;)

and i dropped the green, in accordance to the rules .. i want to play nice :)

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