yadaa yadaa yadaa,, but it did get your atteniton, lol,
Hi my name is Mike, and I'm sure your wodering where does the name Waver comes from and what it stands for, well I'm a windsurfer, and I enjoy surfing the waves here where I live on the atlantic ocean in the great white north: Canada
I use computers for online game play and surfing, and information gathering, I would say my computer skills are pretty good since I learnt it all myself, a guy 15 yrs ago gave me an old 486 motherboard with a 33Mhz processor, and told me, there you go, now build yourself a computer, and I was hooked ever since.
Yes could you imagine all you young folks, 33mhz processor, 4 megs ram, running windows 3.1, woohoooo those where the days, big ole 5.25 floppy disks
Anyways, before I get carriwed away too much, lol, I'm sure a lot of you will be able to help me out and as well I'll be able to give a hand out to some of you in return.
Looking forward to the party :twisted:


Hello there my friend, welcome to Daniweb. :D

And btw, welcome to the party... ;)

Hi Mike, welcome to DaniWeb.