Hi all,

This is similar to that of the word game except for a minor change..

We take up the last word of the sentence and use its letters to make up a sentence..:cheesy: i knw it sounds sick.. but its fun.. try it out.

For eg:

Dani is a beautiful girl

garry is really lucky

P.S. the sentence should be a little meaningful..;)

il start

Daniweb rocks.

Ralph Often Cheats Knowing Secrets

13:22 GMT

Sam Eats Crumbled Ruhbarb Emulsified To Snakes

"Snakes on the plane" is not that scary.

snakes -- Some, not all, killers eat skin.

No Elephant Raids Denmark

daniweb encourage nerds making all remarkable kings

Kings are usually from royal families.

Families: Forty American men immolate lilies in energetic solvents.

solvents: Some orangutans live very efficiently near tree shelters

Cecil, it helps to read the rules:

We take up the last word of the sentence and use its letters to make up a sentence..

shelters: Sap hangs elevated lovingly to elms reversing sacrifices.

Sally and Chris realise ice feels icy, Carry Ellen states.

states: Saying things aloud to elves sucks.

secrets: Someone escaped certain ruin every time since.

since: Seldom is necromancy commendably entertaining

entertaining: elephants nasty tooshie especially rot tooshie's are indeed needed in north of Germany:mrgreen:

Germany: Great errors raised many audible noises yesterday

your evil stepmother tried eating red dye all year.

Year: Your enemies are raptors

raptors: Rage and pain together often raise stress

stress: Someone told Republicans every soul simmers

simmers: Sometimes I make men eat rabbit stew.

stew: Swans tremble every Winter.

Will I never take elephant ride ?

Riddling impalas drive ewoks

Which all vicious enemies suck ?