I am Daniel, 16, a first year student in Computer Science(High School) , though I have been studying computers for a few years now. Right now I'm in the process of continuing to learn C++, C#, and PHP, and I already know HTML, basic web design languages. Pretty soon I will be making my first game in C++, and I'm excited about it. I plan to use this knowledge to help me in college where I hope to major in either Computer Science or Engineering.
My hobbies include reading, flying, playing video games, and traveling.
I look forward to learning more from this great community and meeting some of you.

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cool man, what all does your school teach in comp. sci? I'm taking comp sci 3 this year, and all we have learned is java.. I'm not that great, but i'm not too bad, somehow managed a 3 on the comp sci a ap test


My school teaches C++ for the 1st year, up to the point where we can make a game with graphics and animation, the 2nd year we learn C# and Java and do various large projects and in the 3rd year we get to pick what we want to work on such as AI, Game Theory, 3d Graphics, Animation, or Networking.

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