hah.. I'm not exactly new, but I originally joined this forum for some help with programming, and I didn't really care about it.. However, the last couple of days I have been getting more involved.. It's a great forum, and I just wanted to post a quick intro..

My name is Josh, obviously.. and I'm from the great state of TEXAS! I'm a senior in high school, and I love all kinds of technology. Java is my programming language of choice, but I know some basics of C++. I also know much about html and such... I'm trying to teach myself linux b/c I find it very interesting.. I earned my A+ certification last year, and I hope to pass the Net+ exam this year.. um.. Next year I will major in computer Engineering at either Rice or UT.. not sure where I want to go for sure yet.

Glad to be a REAL member of the forum now..:mrgreen:

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Welcome to the forums Josh, I'm from Texas too, and I'm also looking to go to UT or Rice to major in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Hope to see you around.

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