Hey everyone. I'm Jordan. I'm a CS student at Eastern Washington University and I came across this site while I was trying to fine some help on a program I'm working on. I wound up reading stuff around on here for ever not even realted to what I needed, lol, so I figured I'd register and stick around.

Lets see... I'm in my 3rd programming class, so I'm pretty new, but it's all making perfect sense to me and I love it! I hope someday I'll be on here and have lots of usefull BS to spread around to everyone else, but for now I'm mostly here to absorb information. I've only worked in Pythong and Java so far, and pythong was only for about 4 weeks.

Eh, I love heavy music, playing music, skating, drinking, causing trouble... that kind of stuff. Machine Head and Strapping Young Lad are two of my fav bands ATM. I'm also a Japanese minor. (well, not yet. i will be though after a couple more classes).

What else... I've been working as a production artist for a newspaper for 4 1/2 years now. Actually, currently I'm doing prepress stuff, which is a huge pain in the ass, lol. kinda why I'm goin to school! So i don't have to be stuck doing this forever!!!!

Anyways, nice to meet all of you, eventually.

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